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Steps you need to complete to start receiving Autotrade signals:

  • Download and install a special software which will receive and execute trading signals on your MT4 platform.
  • Attach Client EA on just one chart of your MT4 platform
    and input (copy/paste) your Signals Account MT4 EA Password
    Make sure there are no spaces at the beginning or the end of the password.
  • EA should display an incrementing "Server read" counter on the chart which indicates it is working.
  • Leave your MT4 running at all times 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. Use VPS server if needed.
  • Make sure you are following Signal Provider(s) and have set the desired risk settings.
  • Make sure you are registered user Registered now and have received your welcome email.
  • Please Use valid Email A password will be sent to this email . And You Must Check Your Junk Mail Folder And Mark Any Email From As Not Junk mail.

Client Software & Installation Instructions .EXE

Client Software & Installation Instructions .RAR

Client Software & Installation Instructions .ZIP



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